Private Tasting

Plan tasting at home

Under the tab Plan Tasting you can read about what is needed for a successful wine tasting. Six to ten friends, four wine glasses and a glass of water per person that is really all required. You can make it exciting by testing blind or half blind. Open wine tasting may also be interesting. This is explained further under the tab Plan Tasting.

Wine Assessment

Under the tab Wine Assessment you will find how the assessment of the wines is carried out. Senses like sight, smell, taste and touch are used to assess the fullness (body), astringency, sweetness, acidity, alcohol content and age of the wine. Yes, even the grape variety and wine style are possible to determine with little experience, just by using these senses.

Tasting Notes

The result of the sensory examination and evaluation is written down in a form, Tasting Notes. A proposal of such a form is found under the tab Tasting Notes. Print a copy for each person.

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