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Brief Lessons

Briefer wine tastings without PowerPoint slides are presented here.

Rosé Wines

This tasting includes rosé wines from Provence, South Africa and Italy all made from different grapes and a self-made rosé wine made of white wine with the addition of a little red wine. The intention is to get to know different styles of rosé, how these wines are produced and which grapes are used. The significance of the colour differences is explained followed by a short presentation of the wine district Provence and its importance for the development of rosé wines. Finally, recommendations of suitable food dishes are given

Barrel Aging

In this tasting we will learn how oak aging influences red wine, with examples from Rioja.


Quality wines from two small Australian producers are included in this tasting, three wines from Paracombe Premium Wines which is located in Adelaide Hills in South Australia, and one wine from Quarisa Wines in New South Wales.

Pinot Noir

This tasting compares an aged Burgundy with a young Burgundy. Two Pinot Noir wines from New Zealand in two price ranges are also tested and compared to the Pinot Noir wines from Burgundy. The tasting will find out if expensive Burgundy is worth its price, the difference between an aged and a young Burgundy and if Pinot Noir from New Zealand can compete with Burgundy.


The grape variety Syrah or Shiraz, as it also is known, is featured in this tasting.

Wines made from Syrah (Shiraz) from France, Australia and Bulgaria will be compared. We will also try to guess the price of the individual wines.