Wine and Food

Which wine will match the food?

You have chosen food for dinner but what kind of wine should be served? The answer can be found below. Both the flavours of the food and the properties of the wine have to be taken into account.


Under the tab Flavours you will find how the wine is affected by different flavours in food like sweetness, saltiness, acidity, bitterness, umami and spicy food.

Useful Advice

Under this tab you will get some general advice regarding wine and food.

Grapes and Food

Here you will find which dishes go well with different types of red and white wines, rosé and sparkling wines. Food which is suitable to common green and blue grape varieties are also suggested here.

Cheese and Seafood

Here is a tasting with the aim to investigate which white wine goes best with different types of cheese and seafood. White wines of varying sweetness are included in this tasting.

Cheese Types

Different types of cheese, their taste and production and which wines are most suitable to the cheeses are described here.

Food Recipes

Recipes of bread and food included in the tasting Cheese and Seafood are presented under this tab.